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Live the pampered life as a human or their pet, or, if you think you'll survive, be the stray you see walking down the street.
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Delsanti Reborn

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 Jazz and Aria

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PostSubject: Jazz and Aria   Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:35 pm

Jazz: I walked up the stairs, Aria followed close behind me, climbing up the steps after me. I smiled and walked to my apartment, I got the key out and opened the door. I set the mail and grocery that I had on the kitchen table and called to Aria as I set her food bowl down. "Aria girl, lunchtime." I sighed and walked over to the door, leaving it open but I closed the screen door. I grabbed my book and sat on the sofa and began to read.

Aria: I barked happily and wagged my tail as I trotted over to my food area. I looked around before I inhaled my nibble and walked over to Jazz. I nudged her leg with my nose then hopped ontothe couch, and layed on her legs and we both layed down together and I rested my head on her stomach before closing my eyes.
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Jazz and Aria
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