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Delsanti Reborn

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 D.elsanti Reborn

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PostSubject: D.elsanti Reborn   Wed Dec 30, 2009 8:27 pm

Im posting this because i love this site, and its about to die.

A hundred years ago, the land was ruled by a beautiful and kind female, whose name was Kai. She was a strong and intelligent wolf, and she ruled the whole land with a caring eye. Her mate, Lanotikito (also known as Lano) ruled beside her. The land was peaceful, and the wolves lived together as one pack.

However, like all stories, the happiness could not last.

Alpha Lano mysteriously disappeared, leaving his heartbroken mate behind. Kai soon left the pack to search for him, leaving the rule with her cousin, a wise male named Sorrow. He struggled to rule the pack, but they all were distraught, and soon Sorrow too, left Delsanti. Irritated by the chaos, the Gamma female, Ravensent, gathered a small group to leave the lands to start fresh. No wolf has heard of that part of the pack since.

However those who remained were splintered, and soon their differences went from being mild disagreements, into a civil war. Those who sided with Lano and those who sided with Kai had long died, but the story lived on in their desendants. The story became twisted into a new story, though it differed on each side, and each side is now a separate pack.

The 'Royal' pack believes that females are no good for anything except breeding and having pups. They are simply there to look at and cannot train to fight or hunt. Ever. The Amzen pack is somewhat similar, but different, in their beliefs. The females rule the pack, while the males are the slaves, and are only kept to give them pups.

So, which pack will you side with? For all wolves who dare enter the lands of Delsanti will eventually pick a side...

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PostSubject: Re: D.elsanti Reborn   Thu Dec 31, 2009 9:52 am

Can we also just advertise if we don't have a banner??
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D.elsanti Reborn
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